Privacy Policy and data protection

Throughout out privacy policy and data protection guidelines, you can find out how the data that is collected by this site, Ginger alice, is used and stored. ginger alice declares that it complies with the current regulations of GDPr.

Data controller

all information collected is done primarily through ginger alice, and some data is delivered by the 3rd party site squarespace. you are able to raise any queries about this through the email address 

personal data we gather

As part of the service provided, ginger alice requires some data of its users. we agree to only collect the necessary data for the provision of its services and guarantees the use of all necessary means to protect said data. The mandatory data will be marked with an asterisk (*) in the corresponding forms. The rest of the non-mandatory data requested will be facilitated by the user under their responsibility and consent.

The data can be collected through ginger alice's booking form, email, phone, websites associated to social networks or third parties. In the case that the data is collected through a third party, the good use and correct application of Privacy Policy is the responsibility of said third party.

The refusal to provide the data requested may result in the inability to use some parts or all of the services provided by ginger alice.

The type of data collected may vary according to the type of user:

Couples and Guests

For individuals or users that are couples, the following data may be collected through booking forms and contact through emails/phone:

  • Name and Surname
  • Email, phone number, address.
  • wedding details
  • Username on social networks.


  • Name and Surname.
  • Email, phone number, address.
  • company/business details. 

How we use personal data

The personal data collected from the users will only be used in relation to the services offered by ginger alice.

Help with the booking of the wedding, contact throughout the working relationship, and to monitor the success of the website:

  • contact you back after submitting a booking form
  • allow me to organise travel arrangements with the use of the wedding venue details
  • share content on social media and connect you with that
  • collect address' through contracts to allow for delivery of the products through the postal service
  • contracts are mandatory when booking, and due to the legal nature, as kept in archive for present or future need. personal details are collected through there for legal terms, and also in case the need to contact the client. 
  • 3rd party site Adobe stores original contracts through the use of its "adobe sign" service. client(s) emails are inputted to the site to allow the contracts to be sent out. 
  • email address', and other personal details that are exchanged are stored in a gmail account, and also mobile device. this information is kept secure, and also used and kept when necessary. 
  • data collected when posting a comment on a blog post

Sharing Information

ginger alice undertakes to implement all the necessary means in order to protect the user’s data and communicate this information only within the framework of legislation that governs its activity or in one of the cases explained below.

in the case that a booking is made, couples or professional, the client will be made aware that their data will be run through the 3rd party site "adobe sign" to create said contract and allow it to be distributed to them. 

User’s Rights

The user can at any time exercise their right to ask for their data to be deleted; this includes personal data and also archives of the products. they can also withdraw their consent to sharing of the products created for them on any social media websites or portfolio website (


ginger alice informs its users that all the necessary means have been implemented, from a technological as well as organisational point of view, to guarantee the security of personal data and avoid loss, alteration or unauthorised processing.


ginger alice provides its users with the email and the phone number 07765359840